Adventures of Spider-Man GN TP Spectacular Foes

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Awesome animated-style adventures of the amazing arachnid, in battle with some of his greatest foes! In this second serving of Spidey slugfests, Spider-Man gets a heros welcome in Crimetown, USA, when the ruthless Enforcers attack at the command of the Kingpin! But not content with manipulating events from afar, it wont be long before Wilson Fisk himself arrives to get his hands dirty! Then, Spidey is plunged into a Wild West nightmare thanks to the mind-bending machinations of Mysterio! Will the Beetle be the one to catch the Spider? Or will that honor fall to two of the wallcrawlerswall-crawlers deadliest archenemies? Its seriously bad news when Doctor Octopus unites with Venom! How will Spidey get out of this one? Tune in and find out! Collecting ADVENTURES OF SPIDER-MAN #7-12. All Ages